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Abida Parveen: Mein Nara e Mastana with lyrics December 16, 2009

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A great song by Abida Parveen, poetry of Waif Ali Wasif. There is an longer original version and a shorter remix version, both of which are available in the post.

mein nara e mastana mein shouqi e rindana
mein tashna kahan jaaon pee kar bhi kahan jana

mein souz e mohabbat hoon mein aik qayamat hoon
mein ashk e nadaamat hoon mein gouhar e yakdana

mein tahir e lahoti mein johar e malkooti
nasoot ne kab mujh ko is haal mein pehchana

mein shamm e farozan hoon mein aatish e larza hoon
mein sozish e hijraan hoon mein manzil e parwana

kiss yaad ka shera hoon kiss chashm ka darya hoon
khud toor ka jalwa hoon hai shakl qalbhana

mein husn e mujassim hoon mein gesu e barham hoon
mein phool hoon shabnam hoon mein jalwa e janana

mein wasif e bismil hoon mein ronaq e mehfil hoon
ik toota howa dil hoon mein shehar mein veerana

mein nara e mastana mein shouqi e rindana
mein tashna kahan jaaon pee kar bhi kahan jana

Full Version

Remix Version

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1. Bibhuti - January 24, 2010

Thanks for the lyrics. Is there anywhere I can get the translation?


2. Onextrearse - March 28, 2010

i truthfully enjoy all your posting choice, very charming,
don’t quit and also keep writing for the reason that it just nicely to follow it.
impatient to find out even more of your current web content, enjoy your day 😉

3. maribel - December 20, 2012

please tell me is there anywhere i can get the meaning or english translation of these lyrics,or if you could just post it.this song is intoxicating but i dont get it properly.especially the earliest few lines that are totally in persian.the lines before the start of nara mastana lines.

randomlyabstract - September 12, 2013

I found the English translation from another blog:

Main nara-e-mastana, main shouqi- e- rindana
Main tashna kahan jaaon, pee kar bhi kahan jana
Slogan of Inebriation am I, drunkard mercurialness am I
drink may I , may I not hardly does it make a difference
Main souz-e-mohabbat hoon, main aik qayamat hoon
Main ashk-e-nadaamat hoon, main gouhar-e-yakdana
A burning heat of love am I, the eventual
Tear of ignominy , a pearl unfound am I
Main tahir-e-lahooti, main johar-e-malkooti
Nasoot ne kab mujh ko is haal mein pehchana
Pern of heaven, the gem of empires and I
Hath when humanity known me so?
Main sham-e- farozan hoon, main aatish-e-larza hoon
Main sozish-e-hijraan hoon, main manzil-e-parwana
Illuminating light of the dusk, a raging flame am I
Mordancy of parting, Destination of Pyralid am I
Kis yaad ka sehera hoon, kis chashm ka darya hoon
Khud toor ka jalwa hoon, hai shakl qalbhana
A desert of thoughts, a river of which fall?
the biggest reality of the universe yet unrevealed
Main husn-e-mujassim hoon, main gesu-e-barham hoon
Main phool hoon shabnam hoon, main jalwa-e-janana
A frozen beauty am I, a ringlet in anger
A flower, the dew am I, beauty of the beloved
Main wasif-e-bismil hoon, main ronaq-e-mehfil hoon
Ik toota howa dil hoon, main shehar mein veerana
Wasif, slayed am I, heart of the crowd
A broken heart am I, a lonely in the city.

maribel - December 14, 2013

thankyou so so much!

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